What’s Included in Your Greenbrier Ford Winter Vehicle Check-Up

Winter Vehicle Check-Up in Lewisburg, WV

Winter is coming, which means it’s time for your annual winterizing appointment at Greenbrier Ford. If you are curious to know what boxes you should check, never fear. We know a thing or two about performing a winter vehicle check-up, so here’s an idea of what we’ll be looking at.

  1. Batteries: When your car, truck, or SUV pulls into the Greenbrier Ford service bay, our technicians will check out one of the most common areas of winter woes — the battery. We will check the charge on your battery to make sure it won’t leave you stranded, then we will clean up any corrosion around your batter terminals before tightening up the connection.
  2. Tires: Our highly trained technicians will make sure your tires are in tip-top shape to handle unpredictable winter road conditions. We will measure your tire tread depth and ensure your wheels are wearing evenly. We can even install snow tires for better traction in icy terrain.
  3. Visibility: One of the most important things our techs do during a winterizing appointment is ensure you will have maximum visibility. We check each of your vehicle’s lights and make recommendations for replacement. Additionally, we refill your washer fluid and check your wiper blades for wear and tear so you aren’t surprised in a white-out.

Getting your vehicle ready for colder weather requires a lot of steps, but the service pros at Greenbrier Ford in Lewisburg, West Virginia, have you covered. Bring your vehicle in for your annual winter check-up and we’ll help make sure you stay moving forward all season long.

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